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Lucene + Blazor, Part 5: Highlighting

In this final installment of my Blazor + Lucene.Net series, we'll be adding highlights for the search terms found in the header and body text of each of our results. The implementation of highlighting makes use of the Lucene.Net.Highlighter library, plugging this library into a simple method that can be used as a filter for search results to highlight key terms.


Lucene + Blazor, Part 4: Faceting

In this fourth installment of my Blazor + Lucene.Net series, we'll make the most significant updates to the classes, search function and UI to date. Facets enrich the query responses, enabling users to further tune the search results along specific, pre-defined vectors. The implementation of facets uses the Lucene.Net.Facet library to implement an additional faceted index over two attributes -- Scholars and Universities -- which are applied on top of the WaffleText class and data.


Lucene + Blazor, Part 3: Auto Complete

In this third installment of my Blazor + Lucene.Net series, I'll start tackling some advanced Lucene functionality, namely auto-complete. For advanced Lucene work, the most important lessons is don't roll your own functionality. If you go to the docs for the Lucene.Net API, you'll see that a ton of additional functionality is built into Lucene via modules. Modules exist for faceting, highlighting, spatial search and autosuggest, amongst others. Lots of the examples and StackOverflow answers are roll-your-own solutions -- don't do it!!